Yoga To Control Mind Thoughts

Controlling mind thoughts is not that much easy and it’s not difficult too. With Yoga and Pranayama, anything is possible.


Mind is like a monkey. It is not possible to control it just like that. Everyone gives exercise to body.

But what about mind?

Mind is an incredibly powerful tool that can change your life. If you don’t use it properly and can’t control, it destroys life.If you are not observing your thoughts, then it is the biggest mistake you are doing. Because every action that we do comes from thoughts. Swami vivekananda said, “We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care of what you think. “

It has the capacity to control your destiny. Most of the people dwell either in past or in future. Everyone has some incidents in life that hurts or makes feel sad. We know that brooding over the past happened issues can bring nothing except wasting precious time and energy. But still, most of the people will be in that vicious circle(past related situations).

It is the human nature that, most of us build up several thoughts for future. We make strategies for future, I will have my dream house, I will marry so and so person, What if that happens? What if, if that doesn’t happen? etc…..unlimited thoughts about future. Just analyze one complete day…what actually you are thinking every second? Are you thinking about past incidents? Are you building up dreams for future? Are you developing hatred on someone? Are you thinking about your love, boy friend/girl friend? Are you thinking of sweet and bitter moments that happened in your life? Are you thinking of specific person? Are you thinking of your crush? What are you thinking at every moment?

How Unhealthy And Unproductive Thoughts Generate?

  1. Based on what you hear. It could be your parents words, professor words, colleagues.
  2. Based on other people expectations on you.
  3. By comparing yourself to others everywhere possible.
  4. When painful incidents happened in past, rejection or break up or betrayal….those thoughts haunts every second.
  5. Living in future…all possible “What if’s”
  6. Due to fear
  7. Due to anger, pan, frustration
  8. Insecurity
  9. Self-doubt

And..much more…

The one mistake most of the people do is “Judging their thoughts.” Don’t judge your thoughts. Observe it very carefully. The propelling force within us are”thoughts”.Developing tremendous will-power to achieve something or developing low self-esteem and self-doubt, comes from thoughts.

Know the power of your thoughts


Open sticky notes on your PC or take a small piece of paper and write how much time you are seriously into work? and, how much time you are thinking other things? Observe it very carefully and you will know how much time you are wasting. Time is money. No once can buy time in this world. it is the most precious thing in this world.

You can do miracles in your life if you could observe your thoughts ad take action on it. You can do wonders if you live in the moment. You can change your life completely if you live in the present. Life is living in the moment, living in the present. If you can fill your heart with peace and love and with all positive thoughts, just imagine how peacefully and happily you can lead your life.

Your life depends on what kind of thoughts you develop in mind. Happiness or sadness generates from mind and heart. It is within us.


Is your mind listening to you? or You are listening to your mind?

Who is in charge of your thoughts? Don’t you want to become the master of your mind?

It’s time to awake your subconscious mind.

The question is How?

Pranayamas. Yes, it has the power to unleash greater thoughts from your mind. Pranayamas gives the capability to control your mind thoughts.

Pranayama means “Control of breath”. In order to make both mind and body healthy, Hatha yoga discusses 8 types of pranayamas. The pranayama is all about breathings. Our mind thoughts depends on breathings.

Breathings are of three is Quiet breathings, second is deep breathings, third is Fast breathings. When you are in anger, you take fast breathings(which is not equal forceful inhalation and exhalation). When you are in peace, you take slow breathings.

Pranayama is the base for meditation.

There are 8 main pranayams. Let us practice one by one every day. Today I discuss Anulom Vilom Pranayam. It is also called Naadi shodhan pranayama which means alternate nostril breathings.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama






1. Get your yoga mat and sit comfortably with your spine erect and shoulders relaxed. Keep a gentle smile on your face.Try to pleasant your thoughts.

2. Place your left hand on the left knee, palms open to the sky or in Chin Mudra (thumb and index finger gently touching at the tips). See the image below for Chin Mudra.


3. Close your eyes.

4. Close your right nostril with your right hand thumb finger and take deep breathing from left nostril.

5. Hold on for a second or less, close your left nostril with your right hand ring finger and slowly release breathings from right nostril. After every exhalation, remember to breathe in from the same nostril from which you exhaled.

6. Do this for 10 times.

7. Now place your right hand on the right knee, palms in Chin Mudra.

8. Close your left nostril with your left hand thumb finger and take deep breathing from right nostril. Take a deep inhale.

9. Hold on for a second or less, close your right nostril with your left hand ring finger and slowly release breathings from left nostril. i.e, Inhale from right nostril, exhale from left nostril.

10. Do this for 10 times.


After every exhalation, remember to breathe in from the same nostril from which you exhaled. Keep your eyes closed throughout the asana and continue taking long, deep, smooth breaths without any force or effort.

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