What Yoga Pose Can Give Relief From Lower Back Pain?

These days, lower back pain is the common problem that lot of people face. This yoga pose Bhujangasana can give relief from spinal cord disorders and lower back pain.


In our day to day activities, back muscles are the ones which don’t get proper exercise. If proper exercise is not given to back then it results in chronic back pain, slipped disks and several other spinal cord disorders.

Spinal cord is the essential body part and if it’s not working properly then that leads to stress and frustration which affects work. It impacts brain a lot. To sit for longer hours without any pain, the strength of spinal cord is very important. 

I personally experienced this problem after my spinal cord fracture. Normally, lower back pain doesn’t allow to concentrate on work but if any damage occur to spinal cord then that pain is unbearable. After undergoing 2 surgeries for my lumbar spine, I explored so many ways to get rid of this pain, but none worked.

Medication can give only instantaneous relief that too for a very short period of time. For me, it gave relief for only 5 to 6 hrs. And medicines always give side effects.

I was frustrated a lot and one day I thought, why not natural therapy?

Our body has a natural healing power to cure from any ailments. 

Yoga and water are the best medicines. Why not use this?


So, don’t rush to doctors and invite side infections with injections and medicines. If you had any spinal cord disorders or any injuries, for sure you need to take medication for sometime and then start doing yoga. But, if you are having lower back pain due to sitting for long hours then straightaway start practicing yoga. Yoga is the best medicine.

Practice this after below two yoga asanas:

  1. Makarasana variation 1
  2. Makarasana variation 2

For better results, practice each asana for 6 times taking relax in between.

Benefits of Bhujangasana:

This bhujangasana, if done after Makarasana shows a tremendous effect.

  1. It gives relief from chronic lower back pain.
  2. It gives strength to spinal cord.
  3. It removes spinal cord disorders.
  4. It improves the functionality of digestive system,.
  5. It improves blood circulation.
  6. It frees you from stress,anxiety and depression.
  7. It removes all respiratory disorders.
  8. It helps in weight loss and removes fat in stomach area.

Now, let’s start



  1. Wear comfortable clothes, get the yoga mat and lie down on the floor on your stomach  with your toes flat on the floor and forehead resting on the ground.
  2. Keep your legs close together, with your feet and heels lightly touching each other.(Look the image above).
  3. Place your hands (palms downwards) under your shoulders, keeping your elbows parallel to each other.
  4. Taking a deep breath in, slowly lift your head, chest and abdomen but keep your navel on the floor.
  5. Bend your spine back as much as you can. face looking up. (look the image for ref)
  6. Close your eyes. Take 10 normal breathings in this position. keep you consciousness on lower spine.
  7. Breathing out, Slowly come down and place your hands, abdomen, chest and head in comfortable position. Relax. you can also place your hands under your head like a pillow and rest your head on one side.
  8. Take deep breathings.
  9. Don’t overdo, don’t strain. Practice in a relaxed manner. If you feel any discomfort, relax and take deep breathings.

If you have any doubts while doing asana, please leave a comment or you can contact me .

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22 thoughts on “What Yoga Pose Can Give Relief From Lower Back Pain?

  1. Hi kiran 🙂 I will discuss different pranamayas and so many variations in near future which helps in increasing concentration and to stay clam. so, follow for future posts and the current discussed asanas if done with breathing gives relief to body and mind. I discussed relaxation asana, please look into it. if any doubts, please ask 🙂


  2. This is SO true! My friend is 49 and doing back exercise to ward off osteoporosis – and the thing is back pain is so crippling that it’s really worthwhile to do what you can to prevent it!

    Liked by 1 person

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