Spine Lengthening

Yet another asana, which helps in giving relief from lower back pain and also helps in proper functioning of nerves in the upper part of the body from head to spine. If practiced everyday, you will see good results. I have been doing this for the past 3 months.

Practice this after spine stretch forward asana. All the asanas should be practiced sequentially.

Like always say, If you had spinal injury then please wear belt and do. If you have irresistible back pain also, you can wear belt and practice.


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  1. Sit in padmasana pose or vajrasana pose or which ever pose is comfortable to you.
  2. Keep your spinal chord and neck straight. Don’t bend. If you bend then pain increases so don’t ever bend. Always sit straight.
  3.  While breathing in slowly raise your arms from both the sides.
  4. Interlink your fingers together, with your thumbs touching each other gently.
  5. Stretch them up as much as you can, interlinked fingers(the palms) facing up.
  6. Make sure both your hands are parallel to each other and that they are stretched equally.
  7. Stay there for 10 seconds which means take  4 to 5 deep breaths.
  8. Now, bring your interlinked fingers close to the chest and rest the interlinked fingers on the chest, elbows touching your stomach sideways.  Exhale, Relax for 30 seconds.
  9. Repeat the above exercise for 10 times.
  10. Relax

Breathing pattern: Inhale stretch your interlinked fingers to the top of head.
                                     Exhale bring closer to the chest.

Keep your consciousness on fingers and breathing.

The asanas that I discuss here not only gives relief from lower back pain but also removes all spinal disorders. It gives good strength to the spinal cord.

Daily, practice all the asanas from first to till now I discussed for 1 hour. Believe me it will do miracles in relieving pain if done properly by synchronizing your breathings along with the exercise. You can see results in 1 month.

Always practice yoga in fixed timings.

If any doubts while doing asanas, please leave a comment, I will surely help you 🙂

If you like please don’t forget to share 🙂


16 thoughts on “Spine Lengthening

  1. You should tell people how to so exercise with the by help of the pics. People sometimes find it difficult to performe or do it wrong when they don’t know the right way to do it. Thnk u.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was refering to our general posture while sitting/reading/watching tv etc, we tend to half lie on bed as sitting with back straight creates uncomfortable stress..
    Is it ok to sit on floor crosslegged or is chair preferable ?


  3. Sitting with back straight leads to pain in the back so one has to slouch a bit or support the back on some wall etc whats the solution ?


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