Spine Stretch forward

Hi friends 🙂 I am back with new yoga asana.

If you are suffering from severe lower back pain and knee joints pain, start from Ankle rotation and follow all these asanas sequentially.

If you had spinal injury and have trouble in moving your lower body then start from here. and traverse through next post. You can practice this too.

If you have any doubts while performing any asana, please leave a comment below or you can always contact me 🙂

Caution: For those with spinal cord injuries or fractures, please wear spine belt and practice all these Asanas. If not, no need to wear. If you can sit on floor then do with yoga mat or else you can do in wheel chair too.

Practice this asana after the relaxation asana I mentioned earlier.

Never ever give up. Our only goal is to recover 100%. Everything is possible if you are passionate and persistent in doing and getting something.

A great life is ahead. Stop not till the goal is reached.


  1. Sit in padmasana pose or vajrasana pose which ever is comfortable to you. Usually vajrasana pose is not recommended especially who had spinal cord injuries or fracture. Don’t over strain which ever is comfortable, sit in that pose.
  2. Keep your spinal chord and neck straight. Don’t bend. If you bend then pain increases so don’t ever bend. Always sit straight.
  3. By interlinking your fingers, breathe in and stretch your hands to the front.
  4. Make sure both your hands are parallel to each other and that they are stretched equally.
  5. Bring your interlinked fingers close to the chest and rest the interlinked fingers on the chest. Exhale, Relax for 30 seconds.
  6. Repeat the steps 3, 4, 5 for 10 times.
  7. Relax

Breathing pattern: Inhale stretch your interlinked fingers to the front.
                                     Exhale bring closer to the chest.

Keep your consciousness on fingers and breathing.


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