Relaxation Asana Or Shavasana

Relaxation asana gives relief from stress and anxiety instantaneously.


This is the first cycle Relaxation Asana, should be done after practicing the Asanas I discussed till now.

There are various versions or variations what you call in Relaxation Asana. Here I am discussing one of those variations. I will discuss all variations in upcoming posts.



Relaxation Asana is very powerful in keeping your body and mind in a relaxed manner. You will feel energized after doing this asana daily. It also helps in removing the psychological disorders. Those who feel uncomfortable due to the spinal chord problem will surely get huge solace in this relaxation asanas. I personally got benefited.

This relaxation asana provides immense mental peace if you follow the process I discussed below as it is.


  1. Lie down on yoga mat in a comfortable position.
  2. keep your legs and hands in a relaxed position. Palms facing up.
  3. Bring your awareness to your navel. see it mentally.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Take a deep inhale. While inhaling, the abdomen should come up like a balloon.
  6. While exhaling, merge the abdomen to ground. (abdomen should go down).
  7. While doing so, mentally count down from 27 to 1 and do these abdominal breathings. These breathings are called Yogic breathings.
  8. Count 27, inhale and count 27 exhale. This is one cycle. Like that do till 1. count down.
  9. keep your consciousnesses on counting and navel.
  10. Once finished, relax and breathe slowly, normal breathings. Observe the vibrations in the body.
  11. Don’t open your eyes till you complete this asana.
  12. Once you come to count down 1, repeat the steps 5,6,7,8 again. so that means you are doing 2 cycles of Relaxation Asana.
  13. Once finished, while inhaling stretch your right hand and fold your left leg. Slowly turn towards your right side. Then come up and sit in a comfortable position.

Don’t do it rigorously, Do it relax-fully and peacefully.


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