Neck Movements-Variation 1

So far, we learnt different techniques and have been practicing. Do these Neck movements after elbow stretch variations I discussed earlier.

How this Neck movement asana helps is, our mind gets all information from  every part of the body through nerves and all these pass through neck. So, to stimulate good blood flow and to remove unnecessary fats on the shoulders, this asana helps a lot.

There are several variations under this, we practice step by step.

It is indeed very important to do all these asanas in proper manner.


Caution: For those with spinal cord injuries or fractures, please wear spine belt and practice all these Asanas. If not, no need to wear. If you can sit on floor then do with yoga mat or else you can do in wheel chair too.

neck movements stage 3 and 4


  1. Sit in padmasana pose or vajrasana pose which ever is comfortable to you. Usually vajrasana pose is not recommended especially who had spinal cord injuries or fracture. Don’t over strain which ever is comfortable, sit in that pose.
  2. Keep your spinal chord and neck straight.
  3. Close your eyes and keep both the palms on your knees.
  4. Concentrate on your neck.
  5. Keep your eyes closed and inhale easy.
  6. Exhale and gently turn the head to the right so that the chin is in line with the shoulder.
  7. Inhale and get back in the original position
  8. Exhale and slowly turn the head to the left as far as possible so that the chin is in line with the shoulder.
  9. Inhale and get back in the original position.
  10. This is the first cycle.
  11. Repeat this ten times on each side.
  12. Never exert any pressure at your neck.

Breathing pattern: Inhale while turning to the front.
                                     Exhale while turning to the side.

Note:  If you feel any discomfort while doing so, lie down for few minutes. Don’t over strain. Do relaxly and peacefully


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