Elbow Stretch-Forward Bend

This is the 4th variation in Elbow Stretch. All these asanas must be done in a sequential process.

This particular elbow stretch forward bend yoga helps in relieving pain in hands. It is one of the good exercises for hands.

All these asanas helps a lot in giving relief from lower back pains, knee joint pains, wrist pains and also strengthens upper part of the body from head to spine if practiced daily by synchronizing your breaths. I am also sharing yoga for spinal cord injury too. You can check category wise in home page.

Hope you are following from first asana   and also in proper timings that I discussed earlier.

I always say, Never give up.

Gaining 100% health is our main goal.

Caution: For those with spinal cord injuries or fractures, please wear spine belt and practice all these Asanas. If not, no need to wear. If you can sit on floor then do with yoga mat or else you can do in wheel chair too.

If you have irresistible pain in back also then please wear spine belt and practice yoga. I use lumbar spine belt while practicing.

Elbow Stretch variation 4: Bending and Straightening the Arms


elbow bending



  1. Sit in padmasana pose or vajrasana pose which ever is comfortable to you. Usually vajrasana pose is not recommended especially who had spinal cord injuries or fracture. Don’t over strain which ever is comfortable, sit in that pose.
  2. Raise the arms forward to shoulder height.
  3. Inhaling, The arms must be straight and the palms face up
  4. Exhaling  bend the arms and touch the shoulders with the fingertips
  5. Repeat the steps 3 and 4 for 10 times.
  6. Relax.
  7. While doing so, do mental counting and keep your awareness on palms.

Breathing pattern: Inhaling straight the arms palms facing UP.
                                     Exhaling bend the arms and touch the shoulders with the fingertips.

Note:  If you feel any discomfort while doing so, lie down for few minutes. Don’t over strain. Do relaxly and peacefully.

If any doubts while doing asanas, you can contact me at bharathula.pavani@gmail.com, I will surely help you🙂

please share and help your friends who are suffering from the pains I mentioned. I have been practicing for the past 5 months and seeing good improvements. Sure, it will help them too,  to live a healthy life 🙂



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