Elbow Stretch Variation-1

If you are a person who works sitting before computer all the day, then fingers and arms are the ones which get more stress and strain. If you need to constantly type or write or carry files here and there and any other work… arms are the ones which does more work. If we could do work with out any pain and stress, it gives much relief to brain too.

Today, I would like to share several variations in elbow stretches that not only gives strength to arm and finger muscles but also helps in improving regenerating cells in upper part of the body if you properly do with it breathing. yes, breathing technique is very important while practicing any yoga asana as it helps in removing stress and there by increases focus.

Benefits of Elbow Stretch Variation:

  • It gives strength to work for longer time with out feeling any pain and stress.
  • It makes hand muscles more stronger and flexible.
  • It reduces stress after long hours of work.
  • It also removes pain that caused due to injury and increases proper blood circulation.


  1. Sit in padmasana pose or vajrasana pose which ever is comfortable to you. Usually vajrasana pose is not recommended especially who had spinal cord injuries or fracture. Don’t over strain which ever is comfortable, sit in that pose.
  2. Stretch your hands, simultaneously take a deep inhale and widen your fingers.(like below image)
  3. 682087f9-6143-447c-a766-0dca23a4f74a.jpg
  4. Hold on for 2 to 3 seconds.
  5. Exhaling, close your fingers with thumb inside, make a fist(like below)
  6. 99a59734-eb37-46a5-8150-b24e80c5929e.jpg
  7. Repeat the above steps for 10 times.
  8. While doing so, do mental counting and keep your awareness on fingers.

Breathing pattern: Inhale while widening your fingers.
                                     Exhaling, close your fingers(fist position).

Note:  If you feel any discomfort while doing so, lie down for few minutes. Don’t over strain. Do relaxly and peacefully

Caution: For those with spinal cord injuries or fractures, please wear spine belt and practice all these Asanas. If not, no need to wear. If you can sit on floor then do with yoga mat or else you can do in wheel chair too.

If you are suffering from severe lower back pain and knee joints pain, start from Ankle rotation and follow all these asanas sequentially.

But, If you had a spinal injury and if you have trouble in moving your legs then you can start from this Elbow stretch variation-1  asana and traverse through next post starting from this post.


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