Yoga For Knee Joint Pains

Have knee pains? Try this yoga pose for knee joint pains


So far we have practiced 3 yoga poses for knee joint pains.

If you missed the previous, here is the sequence:

  1. Feet rotation
  2. Kneecap contraction
  3. Ankle rotation

This is the fourth one. This yoga pose is called forward knee bend variation. There are several variations under this technique especially in sitting posture.

This yoga pose gives relief from knee joint pains. Practice all these 4 yoga poses daily.


For some people, knee cap bends automatically while walking. This yoga asana forward knee bend variation helps in increasing stamina or strength in knee region and thigh muscles.

Here you go..

Forward Knee Bending:





  1. Sit with legs straight and Interlock your fingers like this.


3. Place it Back of the knee,  inhaling, stretch the leg.

4. Exhaling, bring the knee closer to the chest.

5. Repeat this process for 10 times.

Breathing pattern: Inhaling stretch the leg
                                     Exhaling bring knee closer to the chest.


Keep your consciousness on knee cap and do mental counting.

Note:  If you feel any discomfort while doing so, lie down for few minutes. Don’t over strain. Do relaxly and peacefully.

If you have an unbearable pain in knee joints and ankle joints that lasts 24 hours, if you had any recent injuries avoid this pose.

If you had spinal injury and if you can’t move your legs then start from here.

If you are suffering from severe lower back pain and knee joints pain, start from this Ankle rotation asana and follow sequentially. You can practice this exerciseHope you are following with the previous posts.

If you have any doubts while performing any asana or any suggestions, you can contact me.

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