Foremost Step

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I know how much it is hard and difficult to sit and walk when spine and legs pains terribly. Life throws us some challenges every now and then. What we should do then?? We need to be extremely strong and bold to face that and shout back at the difficulties that You can’t shake me. It gets afraid and leaves you.

Not believable??? Let me tell you a very short scenario of mine and you will understand how life can help you if you face it boldly.

At the age of 17, I lost my father.I am the only child to my parents. By that time, we already lost all our property. Relatives said as you dont have money to continue your education, get married and even forced too, so that my mom lives in some orphanage and the responsibility will be over as girl has to get married one day and do service in in-laws house.

What I did, I stood up for myself raised my voice against to them saying I will file police complaint on all of you if you force me for marriage.

I joined job, worked as faculty member in spoken English institute (at the age of 17)and helped my mother. you know my salary that time it was 2000 Rupees(INR). we used to take food once in a week. No money for treatment if any disease comes. What I earned exactly served purpose to pay house rent, current bill and very minimal food thats it.

I didn’t give up my dreams. I prepared for engineering entrance exam. I know that there was no one to pay my fee but still I desired strongly and craved for help every single minute.

It continued for 2 years.

Finally, the director of the institute (where I was working) helped me for my first year fee.

When everyone else(my classmates)completed, I joined

second year on wards I got scholarship from government and so could complete studies.

—————–So, If you face the circumstances boldly, life gets afraid and leave you. 

Similarly with health.

Back to 2 years, I used to smile when anyone says,” Health is Wealth”.

I understood its true meaning when I had fracture.

I have been struggling from irresistible spinal chord and ankle pain for the past 2 years. Its very difficult to lie on bed every time that too at a very young age.

What I say, come on, life can’t hurt us if we stand against to it with high self-motivation and strength.

The Foremost step is have perseverance, passion and determination to get rid off pain and become healthy.

Let’s us fight over the pain with consistent perseverance and determination and also with passion to have a perfect healthy life.

Will You Join With Me In this Journey?? 🙂  🙂


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